Specialist Polishing Services

In addition to general mould polishing we offer a highly specialised range of polishing services for products demanding the most exceptional finishes.

We aim to offer the widest range of services and over our history have developed considerable expertise in specialist polishes for items like micro-moulds, medical implants and high performance precision engineering. Coupled with our general polishing and flat lapping services it provides a complete solution for any industry looking for an exceptional finish to SPI standards.

Our range of specialist polishing services includes;

  • Hand, diamond paste and stone polishing techniques
  • Precision engineered parts polishing
  • Optical, mirror, lens and filter polishing
  • Micro mouldings for medicine hand polished
  • High performance engine parts for F1
  • Motorcycle parts and frames (Harley Davidson etc)
  • Repairs to old moulds
  • Wet, dry and high gloss finishing
  • Mould preparation and acid etching for texturing
  • Quote from CAD files and drawing

Just a few of the products and items we’ve worked on recently include engine parts on luxury and performance cars such as friction reduced clutch housings, medicine mouldings, hip and kneecap implants, micro mouldings hand polished under a microscope and opticals such as endoscopes, lamp lenses, binoculars, telescopes, CCTV domes and photographic filters.

Collection and delivery, emergency on-site repairs, highly trained and experienced engineers with fast turnaround, high standards and a simple quotation process make Opticron an ideal choice for all your polishing requirements. Contact us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable team and arrange an estimate.

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