Mould Polishing

With a history in general, mould and precision polishing reaching back over 20 years Opticron offer exceptional expertise to a wide variety of industries.

The Opticron team and workshops offer the facility to polish almost anything. SPI finish standards are always met and our commitment to quality has won us many prestigious contracts polishing and finishing moulds and products for everything from disposable razors to laser optometry lenses.

Our range of general and mould polishing services includes;

  • Repairs to old moulds
  • Wet, dry and high gloss finishing
  • Mould preparation and acid etching for texturing
  • Hand, diamond paste and stone polishing techniques
  • Precision engineered parts polishing
  • Quotes from CAD files and drawing

We work to always deliver exactly what our clients need in the most straightforward way possible; friendly and efficient customer service, collection and delivery options plus an on-site service helping carry out repairs and alterations to machine parts in a variety of industries means you can rely on us to get the job done well beyond expectations.

The company also offers a wide range of highly specialised precision polish finishes for pharmaceuticals through to engine parts, please see our specialist polishing page.

Whatever your polishing needs you can trust in the specialists at Opticron, contact today to discuss your requirements and arrange for a quotation.

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