Flat Lapping Services

Our flat lapping service is accurate to within millionths of an inch with specialist monochromatic light flat measuring.

We offer a complete range of flat lapping options typically utilising diamond slurry abrasive to create exceptionally flat surfaces for everything from hairdresser’s trimmer blades through to specialist photographic filters; literally anything that needs that perfectly flat finish.

Flat lapping

Our range of flat lapping services includes;

  • General flat lapping
  • Diamond lapping
  • Optical flats and monochromatic light for accurate flatness measurement
  • Detailed surface finish and size tolerance options
  • Cylinder heads lapped - an alternative to conventional machining
  • Monochromatic light measurements
  • Flatness to within millionths of an inch

Typical projects we work on include mechanical seals, carbides, cutting blades, shear blades, slitters and trimmers; literally anything that needs flatness and surface finish measurable in microscopic perfection rather than a general grinding method. We can provide a range of surface finishes, work to size tolerances and scan and interpret the finished item to ensure the finish is absolutely perfect.

Many projects such as opticals like camera filters couple well with our range of specialist polishing and finishing services.

No matter what your requirements for flat lapping put it in the hands of the experts at Opticron. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced team and arrange for a quotation.

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