Abrasive Blasting Services

As an alternative to traditional polishing methods that’s still exceptionally accurate and smooth we provide an expert blast finishing service.

We provide a comprehensive approach to polishing from exceptionally accurate specialist hand polishing through to our range of bead blasting and aluminium oxide blasting services. We can quickly strip away rough finishes for smooth or create evenly textured finishes as required.

Our range of bead and abrasive blasting services includes;

  • Bead blasting for fine satin finishes
  • Aluminium oxide blasting for a coarser matt finish
  • A range of grit sizes and finishes available

Abrasive blasting can be a useful option when the precision of our specialist polishing and flat lapping services is not required. If you need a clean, even finish with no machining marks or to remove light corrosion or surface defects , abrasive  blasting could be the solution

Exceptional precision polishing for every requirement

Whether you want a polish accurate to the micron or simply a great looking finish, our range of polishing services excel in quality and accuracy.  With over 20 years of experience our team maintains the same high quality standards in every project and every service that we have built our reputation on.

No matter what your requirements for professional abrasive blasting put it in the hands of the specialists at Opticron; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation quotation with one of our experienced team.

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